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The Have and Have Nots has become the most popular show ever broadcasted on the American TV. The premiere of The Haves and the Have Nots was aired on hugely popular Oprah Winfrey Network in May, 2013.

It was the first series to be broadcasted at OWN and it became the instant hit with a huge fan base.

Season 5 of The Have and Have Nots is soon to be launched by OWS.  There are numerous rumors and suggestions on social networks on what is going to happen next and how the principal characters will be developed.

The creator of the series, Tyler Perry, is known as a writer of a popular LoveThy Neighbor comedy show.  


There are many popular actors cast in The Have and Have Nots:

The Haves:

Angela Robinson plays manipulative villain Veronica Harrington.  Before this series, Angela Robinson appeared in a number of roles on and off Broadway stage. 

Reasonable and level-headed David Harrington, Veronica’s husband, is played by Peter Parros, who is notable for his role in CBS’ As the World Turns show.

"Jim" Cryer, the head of Cryer family, is played by John Schneider, a distinguished actor as well as country-singer.

Katheryn Cryer, a passive wife of Jim, is played by Renee Lawless, known mostly for her stage performances.

The Have Nots:

Hanna Young, a mother of two, is played by Crystal Fox, an actress and singer, notable for her performance in an NBC drama In the Heat of the Night.

"Candy" Young, a troubling daughter of Hanna is played by TikaSumpter, a producer and writer in her own right, well-remembered for her stunning beauty. This is her first major role on TV.

"Benny" Young, a son of Hanna and a brother to Candy, is portrayed on screen by another newcomer Tyler Lepley.


The plot of The Have and Have Notsrevolves around threefamilies settled down in the Southern landscapes of the state of Georgia. Two families (Harringtons and Cryers) are well-off and well-established, while the family of Youngs is poor and struggling. Head of the Cryer’s family, Hanna, is hired as a maid by one of the richer families, thus life paths of all three families become interwoven.

Despite a totally different lifestyle, status, goals, and future prospects, all three families share traits of disintegration and dysfunction, in the vein of William Faulkner’s famous Southern novels.

Almost every character in the story is somehow deranged, depraved, misplaced, or unsatisfied. The level of cynicism and bitterness is unprecedented for a prime time soap show.

Interesting facts

  1. Angela Robinson said in an interview that she was slapped by a fan of a show, who said that she has to treat her son properly. Of course, he meant fictional son of a Harrington family.
  2. The series first and second episodes were broadcasted back to back on the premiere night.

The Haves and the Have Nots is an OWN’s most popular show, and number one among African-American viewers. The show is estimated to be watched by three million viewers

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