No Offence Season 2

No Offence is a police procedural dramedy TV series created and released in GB. The release was carried out by Channel 4. The creator of the series is Paul Abbott. The show is concentrated on a group of Manchester Metropolitan Police detectives. They investigate into a number of murders. The peculiar thing is that the victims are little girls suffering from Down’s syndrome. The filming of the show was mostly done in Manchester. No Offence season 2 release date has already been officially announced.


One of the main characters of the series is D.I. Viv Deering (portrayed by Joanna Scanlan). She’s the head of Manchester Metropolitan Police team of detectives. D.C. Dinah Kowalska (portrayed by Elaine Cassidy) makes a professional mistake and misses her chance to get a promotion. In every new episode, she tries to reveal the mystery of a drowned woman and several other mysterious cases. In the course of the series, the detectives understand that the murderer is interested in killing girls having Down syndrome. They investigate numerous cases while more girls in the city are still in danger.
No Offence Season 2 date release

Cast & Characters

  • Joanna Scanlan portrays a cop with a tough character named D.I. Vivenne Deering. She manages her team quite strictly. She’s a devoted professional, however, her constant work seriously influences her family life.
  • Elaine Cassidy portrays the impulsive detective with strong character named D.C. Dinah Kowalska. Makes a stupid mistake and loses her promotion. Her unstable emotional state is often a threat to her career.
  • Alexandra Roach portrays a shy, but brilliant detective named D.S. Joy Freers. Gets a promotion instead of Dinah which makes her feel uncomfortable at times. Her anxiety often prevents her from revealing her true brilliance.
  • Will Mellor portrays a risky member of the group named D.C. Spike Tanner. He often serves as emotional glue between the women in the team. He does his best to keep their relationships united and firm. In general, Spike is a fun-loving and open-minded guy.
  • No Offence Season 2

  • Paul Ritter portrays one of the most eccentric characters in the cast named Randolph Miller. Despite his constant hungover, he’s perfect at doing his work.
  • Colin Salmon portrays the big boss of Viv named Darren Maclaren, Detective Superintendent. He’s manipulative and straight. He’s the only man that can influence on Viv.
  • Saira Choudhry portrays the ambitious and tough character in the team named P.C. Tegan Thompson. She’s in a warm relationship with Stuart.
  • Tom Varey portrays an intelligent cop named P.C. Stuart O’Connell. He’s also a partner of Tegan. He’s willing to become a sergeant, but often gets into insignificant troubles preventing him from getting the post.
  • Ste Johnson portrays an overnight cop named P.C. Jonah Mitchell. He’s a partner of Taz.
  • Neet Mohan portrays the partner of Jonah named P.C. Taz Ahmed. A happy-go-lucky character of the team.

No Offence Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

Channel 4 has made the official announcement about the continuation of No Offence in its next installment. The 2nd season release date is planned for the beginning of 2017. When more info is available, we will share it with you.

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