No Offence Season 2 Release Date

No Offence Season 2 Release Date


 If you like crazy British dramedy series like Shameless and Skins broadcasted on Channel 4, then you should definitely try watching No Offence that has been produced for the second season.

No Offence season 2 release date was announced for mid-2016. Currently there is no news about No Offence season 2 release date on Bluray and DVD. Let’s wait for the official updates from Channel 4’ management.


In No Offence season 2 episode 1 you will see the same cast as in the first season – Elaine Cassidy, Saira Choudhry, Julie Clerehugh, Daniel Ginty, Ste Johnston and Abigail Katie Lambert.


The Main character of the series is not very lucky, because Detective Constable Diane Kowalska great difficulties both at work and in personal life. The relationship with your loved one does not exactly succeed, because there are conflicts between them on a direct place. And after hours, Diana managed to get into trouble: in pursuit of a wanted suspect, the girl is so frightened that unfortunate fall under the wheels of the bus, from which came the merry songs. As a result, in all this confusion of the rank of sergeant he had not Diana and her friend Joy.

Joey, at first glance, insecure girl who can break even at the interrogation. However, the charismatic boss Vives believes in her subordinate. And Diana is just trying to do their job, not paying any attention to anybody. As it does not name the unlucky? Her personal troubles paled into insignificance after the detective becomes aware that the Manchester began wielding maniac! Among the victims of young girls who have Down syndrome. Diana will do anything to catch a terrible killer!

Interesting Facts

  • No Offence is the new television series from Shameless’ popular author of the project Paul Abbot;
  • A month later after the first season’s broadcast, the channel management has officially ordered the shooting of No Offence season 2, which will consist of eight episodes.

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No Offence Season 2 Promo 1
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No Offence | Coming Soon | Channel 4

Surveillance | No Offence S1-Ep2 | Channel 4

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