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No Offence is a brilliant British crime comedy made by Paul Abbott. The first broadcast was in 2015 on Channel 4. The story revolves around three female detectives from Michigan. They are investigating a case of a serial killer. It has a catching plot that holds you till the final episode. The characters are lively and provoke real emotions. The British humour is great and the acting will make you enjoy the serial more.


No Offence has three leading characters. Vivenne Deering acted by Joanna Scanlan, a talented British actress and screenwriter mostly of comedy film and series. Elaine Cassidy is performing Dinah Kowalska, an impulsive young detective. The actress has been performing in multiple TV-series like Harper's Island and Felicia's Journey. Joy Freers is a character played by Alexandra Roach, a Welsh actress.


The focus of the series is concentrating on three detectives from Michigan. They are three totally different women but all of them are enchanting and interesting.

The head of department is Vivenne Deering, cynical and tough, with appearance which absolutely doesn`t corresponding to her character. Diane and Joy are two detectives in Vivenne`s submission. They have two opposite characters but they are best friends. The work under the characters is great as they are clear and bright.

The detective line is also well-thought, evoking tragic emotions. A psychopath is chasing after Down syndrome girls across the town. Once he is mistaken and tries to kill a girl with syndrome but fails and this girl is being saved. Here comes a chance to catch him.

The city wielding psychopath who kills girls with Down syndrome. Once he makes a mistake and attacks normal girl who was unable to save. A chance to catch him. The ending is amazing … look forward to continue, I hope the second season will be as great as the first. And it is not a story about a female detective, it's just a good story.


No Offence has one season with eight episodes, each for 47 minutes. After the warm receive of the audience the producers announce the continuation of the serial. Watch the information about No Offence Release Date of the second season.

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