No Activity Season 3

No Activity Season 3 Release Date


No Activity is a comedian TV series, which was created in Australia. He will introduce the Story about two detectives, who are on the stakeout. The season premiere was on December in the year of 2015, but now we are ready to present the third season of it. The No Activity 3 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors include the following people:

  • Patrick Brammall.
  • Darren Gilshenan.
  • Harriet Dyer.
  • David Field.
  • Genevieve Morris.
  • Dan Wyllie.
  • Sacha Horler.

The director of the serial is Trent O`Donnell. Among the producers, we must mention Jason Burrows, Trent O`Donnell, Chloe Rickard, Lorelle Adamson, Nick Forward, Rob Gibson, Phil Lloyd, Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan, Sam Sabawi, Archie Hernandez, Andrew Troy, MacKenzie Hill.


This serial will present a Storyline, in which the detectives will have a very big stakeout. Here in the center of attention, you will see peripheral players, who make different operations during the major sting. A lot of actions will be shown here and you will have an opportunity to see the hilarious conversations, which are held between Darren Gilshenan and Patrick Brammall. They are the two stars and they are known all over the world by the names Stokes and Hendy.

In this season of the serial, you will see the amphetamine shipment for everyone – here in the center the criminals and police officers will appear. And they are very excited about the destination like this. On the Main roles, such people will appear, as Genevieve Morris, Harriet Dyer, David Field, Dan Wyllie.


People, who like to enjoy the serial with the Interesting plot, will have a great delight while watching this outstanding cinema masterpiece. Each time the new episode will be really unforgettable and you will have a great opportunity to enjoy it at any suitable moment. Pay attention, that this TV series will be the most Interesting for people of adult ages and those, who are works as detectives in their cities.

We must name the accurate season air date when we describe the serial and the one or another season of it. 

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No Activity Season 2 – The Kidnappers

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