Nightwatch. Season 3

Nightwatch. Season 3 Release Date


Here we will present the information about the third season of Nightwatch. The fans of that serial will be very happy to see the continuation. It is available for everyone.


The third season of the serial is rather interesting and unusual because here a lot of talented actors play. Among them we must name the following:

  • Lauren Graham.
  • Ulrich Thomsen.

The other cast is very big. So we have an idea to make a secret for you. Just see the new episodes and enjoy.


Nightwatch is rated American drama, that has a great popularity in the USA. It is a real story of life, which can be compared with Chicago Med or Chicago Fire. Also, it is very similar to Dick Wolf. Firstly, it was released in January 2015, but now we are talking about the last third season.

It has the view of the reality program, which is set in New Orleans. Here we can see local police officers, who wanted to keep the citizens of the city in safe.

The third season already comes and now it contains several episodes, the duration of which is for an hour. Here you can see the episodes of the life of the 999, where a lot of people work.

In this season the minor criticism is expressed. So that is a drama with lots of effects. People want to change their lives to the best sides, but it was rather hard for them, so they have some problems with it. The end of the story is unexpected, so you must watch it understand the main idea and the plot of the story.


The Nightwatch season 3 release date is 27th April in 2016. We must say, that it amazed more than 1 million people. By the official statistics, previous seasons wasn’t so popular. It is so hard to understand, what is the difference, but there is the only one reason for it – people like unusual stories, which are connected with everyday life. You can watch this film with friends or with relatives – every person will be excited.

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