Night Manager Season 2 Release Date

Night Manager Season 2 Release Date


Night Manager season 2 release date was scheduled by BBC for 2017, but only if the showrunners will decide so. For now Tom Hiddleston said on his Twitter account that the show was closed after the second season, though the hope is still there.


In Night Manager season 2 episode 1 you may see such actors as Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander, Elizabeth Debicki and many others. In creating the show was attended by director Susanne Bier, producer Rob Bullock, Michael Snayman operator and composer Victor Reyes.


This British-American TV series Night Manager was filmed on the novel, authored by John le Carr?. In Night Manager season 1 premiere tells us about one British soldier Jonathan Paine, who has already served, and now he has hired an employee survey Burr. The main character will meet with the arms dealer Richard. What awaits the protagonist?

Interesting Facts

In the novel by John le Carr?, delivered on which the series, Burr (the character, played by Olivia Colman) is a man;

Shooting the series have been ordered broadcaster BBC, filming studio The Ink Factory and the BBC;

The show will go on two television channels in the US and the UK the BBC AMC, removed a drama series in the genre, the duration of one series will be about 1 hour;

Olivia Colman’s pregnancy was added to the script after the interview with the director was aware of the actual pregnancy of the actress. The script has been rewritten in just a few weeks before we started shooting.

Night Manager season 1 tells about the confrontation of a secret agent, recruited by British intelligence, and an unscrupulous arms dealer, hide behind philanthropy, he became one of the most successful television projects in 2016. Success, of course, gave rise to rumors about the shooting of the sequel. However, they have not been confirmed. Hiddleston said that the history of "completed" and he’s not going to come back to the image of an undercover agent Jonathan Pyne: "This character existed in the six-hour episodes. That’s all. The story is full and complete. I know there have been rumors about the expansion of the series, but they have nothing to do with reality".

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Night Manager Season 2 Promo 1

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The Night Manager: Episode 2 Trailer – BBC One

The Night Manager: Finale Trailer – BBC One

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