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Today we are talking about independent zombie movies. Living Dead Ville is a gem among trashy fan-made videos on YouTube. You have an opportunity to read an overview of the anticipated TV-series.

At first, author announced the release date to be in February of 2015. But in February he promised that viewers will see the show in Summer of 2015.

Too bad it was never released. The only thing you can find is a short 45 seconds intro featuring “Sweet dreams are made of this” song. Right now the production of this show was postponed. The director needs to improve his skills and to gather more experience. He plans to make a zombie movie in the future. Right now you can see his other major work – School Wars: The Phantom Apprentice on Bailey Films channel.

Jedi versus zombies

Brandon Bailey is the author of the show. During the production of the show he has shown himself as

  • a talented young director,
  • an actor,
  • a 3D artist
  • a scriptwriter,
  • a cameraman,
  • a creator of stage fight scenes,
  • a costume maker
  • a SFX supervisor.

Brandon is studying in Boston school. He is a fan of Boston Bears. He gets his inspiration from such titles as Doctor Who and Star Wars.

Ville was not released. But we can witness Brandon’s acting skills in Phantom Apprentice. He is a padawan at Boston school. Bad grade for Math test aggravates and quickly drags him to the Dark side. He releases his wrath onto his teacher. The fight turns him completely evil.

(Still a better character development than in Revenge of the Sith.)

Other roles are played by his sister and school mates. You can see them during the opening sequence. None of them has starred in a movie before. Perhaps one of the reasons why the show failed was actors’ lack of experience.

Revenge of evil virus

The story revolves around mutated Ebola virus. Victims die and then rise as zombies.

Only one episode title is known. Its name is “Tomorrow is Dead”.

Other posters show grim dark city. Most used filters are sepia and gray. Groups of survivors slowly die in bloody shootouts with zombies. A group of school students gets out alive. Children have to mature quickly and leave their conflicts behind.

Interesting facts

It was meant to be the first work of aspiring director Brandon Bailey.

Brandon hopes to use his channel to entertain and teach others the ways of filmmaking. His goal is to prove that everybody can try doing what they actually like. There are lots of short examples of CGI usage on his channel. Most of them are experiments with light saber. The director also likes to use Clone Effect, when there are multiple instances of one actor on stage. It is used even to create fight scenes.

Promo Art

444 Living Dead Ville. Season 1 1

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