Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Season 3

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General Overview

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn is a sitcom produced in the USA by Nickelodeon. The creator of the series is Matt Fleckenstein. He also worked as the developer along with Michael Feldman. The music was composed by Doug Rockwell, Scott Clausen and Chris Allen Lee. There are two seasons in the project consisting of 44 episodes in total.
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The Plot and the Voice Cast

The storyline concentrates on quadruplets named Nicky, Dicky, Ricky and Dawn. In the final episodes of the show they are 11 years old. They are totally different – they’ve got no common interests and always have arguments. However, everyday situations make them work together for the right solution of the problem.
Characters and voice cast:
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  • Tom (Voiced by Brian Stepanek). Quadruplets’ father. AT first it may seem that he’s obsessed with his possessions, but deep down he’s a caring and loving father of his four kids.
  • Anne (Voiced by Allison Munn). Quadruplets’’ mom. Always gets stuck in uncomfortable situations because of Tom and his new crazy ideas and obsessions.
  • Nicky (Voiced by Aidan Gallagher). Comedic and easily confused youngest brother.
  • Ricky (voiced by Casey Simpson). The second kid. He’s presented as the brain of the whole company. Never forgets about his responsibilities and worries a lot about his school affaires. Fond of reading, but does his best to prove that he’s also capable of breaking the rules.
  • Dicky (voiced by Mace Coronel). Never cares about troubles and manages to find the simplest way out of all the situations. Cares a lot about his looks.
  • Dawn (Voiced by Lizzy Greene). The only girl in the family. At first it looks like she always tries to annoy her brothers, but deep inside she’s truly fond of them and does her best to take care of them when it’s necessary.
  • Josie (Voiced by Gabrielle Elyse). Works with their father Tom and sometimes acts as a babysitter for the quadruplets.

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Release Date Info

Good news! Nickelodeon has officially announced that the series is prolonged for the third season! The production of it started on the 26th of April this year. The 3rd season will consist of 14 episodes. Unfortunately, the official release date is unknown yet, but never forget to stay tuned for the latest updates!


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