Nick Cannon Presents: Wild `N Out Season 9

Every new episode of the series features two teams of comedians competing against each other participating in various games that are mostly improvisational. After three games, the squads perform a freestyle rap as a final challenge plus more competitions to go.


  • Let me Holla. The participants perform a pick up that must be funny to get a point for the team. Each member of the team performs after the other in succession.
  • Turn up for what. Each team member cries out “Turn up……” and the audience replies “Turn up for what?”. The participant is to give a witty answer. If it’s funny, the team gets a point.
  • Got props. Every squad must create a scenario with a certain prop used in it. The best scenario delivers a team another point.
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  • Remix. The challenge is to remake a nursery rhyme or a famous song. The audience defines the winner.
  • R and beef. Every team is to perform an R&B song according to the suggestions and wishes of the audience. The winning team is defined by the audience too.
  • Pie or die. A word should be used correctly in a freestyle rap. If the word was use incorrectly, the participant gets a pie in the face. The winner gets a point for the team.
  • Talking spit. Team captains have to hold water in their mouth while their team members must make them laugh. If the captain spills too much water, the team loses.
  • Nick Cannon Presents: Wild `N Out Season 9

  • Family reunion. Every member of the team should present a person from the audience as a family member as funny as possible. The funniest performance gives a point to the team of the performer.
  • Eat that ass up. Members of two teams perform random dances for points.
  • Plead the fifth. Captains of the teams give truthful answers to the questions.
  • Flow Job. Team members perform a freestyle rap about possible Wild ‘n Out girl occupation.

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild `N Out Season 9

9th Season Air Date

In summer of 2016, MTV officially revived Wild ‘n Out for season 8 to premiere on the 4th of August 2016. This season was called an official return to MTV channel. When MTV announces more info about the future of Wild `N Out project, you will be notified.

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