The Next Step Season 5

The Next Step Season 5 Release Date


The Next Step is a teen drama, which was created in Canada. We must say, that season premiere was made in dramatic style. Also, it is focused on a dance group and its professionalism. Now we are ready to present the 5th season of the serial. The Next Step 5 Season release date is the 22nd of June in the year of 2016.


In that serial, you will have an opportunity to see the most outstanding cast. In the Main roles such characters will appear:

  • Brittany Raymond and Victoria Baldesarra.
  • Trevor Tordjman and Isaac Lupien.
  • Lamar Johnson and Bree Wasylenko.
  • Jordan Clark and Logan Fabbro.
  • Alexandra Beaton and Jennifer Pappas.
  • Myles Erlick and Taveeta Szymanozicz.
  • Samantha Grecchi and Brennan Clost.
  • Briar Nolet and Tamina Pollack-Paris.
  • Devon Brown and Zac Vran.
  • Schamier Anderson and Megan Mackenzie.
  • Skylar Healey and Cierra Healey.
  • Natalie Krill and Allain Lupien.
  • Jamie O`Leary and Shelby Bain.
  • Alexandra Chaves and Erika Prevost.
  • Allie Goodbun and Akiel Julien.
  • Damian Goddard and Jennifer Taylor.
  • Regan Reynolds and Rachel Riley.
  • Jenna Warren and Jaclyn Riley.
  • Levi Randall and Ryan Matthew Harkins.
  • Colin Pierre and Ashley Leggat.
  • Craig Brown and Viviana Zarrillo.
  • Lia Donadio and Macie Yott.
  • Dave Matuszewski and Madie Kupfer.

It is directed by Samir Rehem, Patrick Sisam, Brad Hruboska, David Storch, Derby Crewe, Stephen Raynolds, and Shawn Thompson.


Such serial will present you the dance academy, in which people with different skills learning. They want to become famous and to take part in international competitions. Each day people, who are the member of the dance studio, do the training because they want to improve their skills.


Children and adults will be satisfied by each new episode of the serial. The new season will be the most outstanding, so if you have a free time or you don’t know, what to watch, this one will be the best.

Pay attention, that this serial will be the best decision for a family watch, because here each person will find the best and the most talented character.

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