The Next Great Magician Season 2

The Next Great Magician Season 2 Release Date


The Next Great Magician is some kind of performance and contest, which give the people opportunity to show their professionalism. The season premiere was on November this year, but the continuation of this Story is already available for everybody. The Next Great Magician 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


While watching this serial, you will be allured by the Main and recurrent characters. In the Main cast you will see such artistic people:

  • Stephen Mulhern.
  • Rochelle Humes.
  • Xavier Mortimer.
  • Pete Firman.
  • Barry Jones.
  • Stuart MacLeod.
  • Rob Zabrecky.
  • Ines la Maga.

The serial is directed by Richard van Riet. The producers are John Kaye Cooper, Andrew O`Connor, Laura Steele-Perkins, Rufus Tanner, Debbie Young, Derren Brown, Andrew O`Connor. The editors are Stef Henley, Dan McDonald, Sonny Sheridan, Dave Wilson.


Here you will see a lot of celebrities and other outstanding people, who will introduce the real magic to the viewers. A lot of people try to use the amazing tricks and illusions in order to be more extravagant and to make that Tv show unforgettable for everyone.

Escape artists, illusionists, comedian magicians, close-up performers, location stuntmen – all these people will appear here to create the most outstanding show ever. A lot of genres here are combined, so each person will find something new and something native.

In order to become the winners, some of the participants are ready to be presented in twists – that will help them to create the best magic and to satisfy the audience of the different ages. The final competition will help to find out the most successful magician here.


People, who are interested in magic, will be surprised with this serial because here you will see a lot of fantastic performances, which will change your life on the positive side. Besides, some of them you can use in the future – they will help you to get the attention of your friends and relatives and that is great.

The new episode lasts not so long, so you will have enough time to estimate it.

When the person didn’t know the season air date, he or she can use this Story in order to get the necessary data.

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Rob Zabrecky Goes Through to the Finals | The Next Great Magician

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