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Solving crimes and the coldest cases is the appropriate task for the members of Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad, the police department in one American city. The series is a successful blend of various genre and this specifically adds to the serial success. The current number of seasons involves twelve. The next one is yet to be confirmed.

Brief review

The majority of projects on BBC One are worthy ones that can tackle the audience interest with every release of new episodes. The series under the title “New Tricks” is in particular of such a successful type. The first release is now dated back to March 2003.
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The genre definition can be a hard challenge to face with the variety of story types included in this series. So, is a crime and mystery drama with both dramatic and comic situations in the narrative.
The point for discussion is also the behind-the-scene crew which members have been applying so much effort in order to present the well-developed series to us. So, the crew is spearheaded by Nigel McCrery and Roy Mitchell. The producing team is from the company called Wall To Wall Television. The executives here are Richard Burrell for Wall To Wall, Polly Hill, and Tom Mullens as the leader of this group.
The acting crew is brilliantly composed of Nicholas Lyndhurst, Alun Armstrong, Amanda Redman, Denis Lawson, Tamzin Outhwaite, James Bolam, Dennis Waterman, and Larry Lamb.
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Catching up with the latest installments, we should notify you that the premiere of the twelfth season was held in August of the previous year. Since then we have had no news coming off officially regarding the series resumption for the next cycle. The amount of episodes of the latest chapter includes ten parts as the tradition requires it.

Plot summary

The series revolved around the three retired police officers who embark on exploring the coldest cases. Together, they form a unit called as Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS).
In the latest season, Gerry is shown as he experiences the discovery of UCOS’s latest victim: a cop, whose body has lain untouched under a basement for about three decades. While investigating the case, Gerry is destined to unravel some skeletons in his own closet.
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When can we expect the release of the following chapter?

The question is not whether the developers have a sufficient amount of ideas to bring them into life while creating new episodes as the long course comprising twelve years can influence the series becoming burdensome. Is this that case? We hope it is not. At least, the scoring on IMDb that constitutes 7.3 points out 10 is making us believe in the future of the old project.
We should be under the illusion that the New Tricks season 13 release date will become immediately determined. Nevertheless, we should stay tuned in order to get it and deliver to you timely. So, follow our service and you will not miss it.


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