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A tandem of two detectives is a rather standard plot, and for such a story to become really popular the creators will need to work hard. And, perhaps, the authors of the British series New Blood on BBC One channel have managed to do this, after all their recent product has gained recognition among a large number of viewers and can be considered a successful project in 2016. But the final episode of the first season was introduced in the summer of 2016, so the audience and many fans of the show are wondering if New Blood season 2 will return soon or not. Release date of the renewed series hasn’t been mentioned either on TV or on the Internet, so some skeptics believe that the first season appeared to be the last one. But most of the viewers suppose that the coming of a new episode is close and New Blood will return in next year when all the conventions faced by filmmakers are met.

Creators and Developers of New Blood

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The audience first watched the first season premiere on June 9, 2016, and that part of the program consisted of 7 episodes.
The creator and main author of the script is Anthony Horowitz, an English filmmaker. The directors of New Blood are Bill Eagles and Anthony Philipson.
The crew of producers whose main task is developing the project and preparing its following season air date includes such prominent professionals as:

  • Matthew Read;
  • Jill Green;
  • Dean O’Toole;
  • Eve Gutierrez.

The channel which is sure to broadcast the next season start if the show has been renewed is BBC One; the company producing New Blood is Eleventh Hour Films.

About the Series

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The two police officers act as the main characters of the program. Both Stefan (Mark Strepan) and Rash (Ben Tavassoli) are working on two different cases, but once upon they have to meet, because it turns out that both of these stories have something in common. The men are members of a dangerous conspiracy, and to disclose an intricate criminal case they need to cooperate.
The viewers admit that the cast of the series is selected qualitatively, so the audience has no doubts in actors’ acting.

Chances for Renewal and Viewers’ Ratings

The pilot season release date was set for the previous summer, and about 4.34 million viewers had been waiting for the premiere. Some critics and experts suppose that the idea of the show is far from original, despite one can’t help noting its dynamics. Anyway, a large part of the public is eager to know when new season two will be presented. The proof of viewers’ interest is the rating on IMDB (it has a 7.5/10 score). Stay tuned to see the finale schedule of upcoming episodes and be one of the first to find out all the peculiarities of a possible premiere.

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