New Blood Season 2

The new drama about the life of two officers appeared on British screens specifically on BBC One, the highest-rated channel in the UK in this past June. For the period of two months, it has deserved its status of the worthy project. Thus, we can expect the early resumption in the near future.

General aspects of the drama

The project we are aiming to describe here is a new British drama, a feather in the cap of Anthony Horowitz. The team of executives comes to be led by Jill Green. The fabrication is behind Eleventh Hour Films. The acting crew is composed of Mark Strepan, Ben Tavassoli, and some others.
New Blood Season 2 Poster
The premiere was held for the first time in this past June following the pioneer three episodes of the show debuted on BBC iPlayer

Following the storyline

At the start of the series, there are two officers, to main characters named Stefan Kowolski and Rash Sayyad. They are ambitious detectives exploring the separate cases.
Very soon, they discover that these two crimes are linked to each other as closely as they have never expected. These two angles on one case of a pharmaceutical company.
Consequently, in order to get to the bottom, they need working in harness. There is no other way out. At first, they are loath to cooperate but then being on the same boat, they become true friends drawn into a dangerous conspiracy
New Blood Season 2 Cast

How was the story received by the audience?

Covering the basic aspects of the storyline, we flung ourselves into clarifying the issue about ratings. The solidness of them should make us believe that this drama should be followed by anyone for whom it is to likings.
The pioneer episode has garnered about 4.5 million people. Though it is not the end-point for BBC One, it is blinding, in fact. Do you agree with us?
As for the scoring on IMDb, here we are dealing with the mark constituting 7.5 out of 10. Everything seems to be perfect, doesn’t it? You have guessed that there is a fly in the ointment. Surely, it is not without it. The fly here is the negative side of reviews. Some viewers, as well as critics, consider the story a middling and half-baked one. They also think that it lacks in originality.
The show is dynamic, nevertheless. Its trouble lies perhaps in it trying a bit too hard in order to be to be modern and upbeat.
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Can we expect the renewal?

The verdict regarding the series future seems to be evident. Nevertheless, we think it is still too early for such things. Only the results received from the broadcast should show whether the project is worth its further continuation. At least, we have great hopes, nevertheless, that the decision will be in favor of the project.
If the second installment takes place sometime in the future, it will be not this year. Thus, we should forget about such thing as the New Blood season 2 release date, as it can become exposed only in 2017. Stay tuned, nevertheless, with us, as the early renewal for the sophomore chapter is felt to come.


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