NCIS. Season 15

NCIS. Season 15 Release Date


Here you can see the story, which will amaze you at all. The 15 season of NCIS is a continuation of the previous events. The new series are rather cool, so you must watch it a soon as possible.


That serial, especially such season will be amazing because here a lot of talented actors play. Among them we must mention such people:

  • Mark Harmon.
  • Cote de Pablo.
  • Michael Weatherly.
  • Polly Perett.
  • Sean Murray.
  • David McCalum.

The director or such season is Donald P. Bellisario and Don McJill.


The story of such season is rather interesting and unusual. The main heroes are the group of investigators, who work under jurisdiction. All the criminal investigators of the USA are considered by them.

Every deal, which they have, is connected with the employee naval infantry. The head of the department is Le Roy Jethro Gibbs. His team is really professional, so he hadn’t any obstacles to feeling himself badly. Antony DiNozo, Ziva, Abi Suto, Daiki Mallard and Timothy McGiey work with Le Roy for many ages.

Every day they have the risks for their lives because they consider the most mysterious and complex deals. So, as you can see, the 15th season of NCIS are unusual junctions, dynamic story, and black humor.


13th and 14th seasons were rather impressive for people of all ages. But such chapter will be the most unusual and interesting. As the director say, that season will be the last, so that conclusion must be to watch by everyone.

The NCIS season 15 release date is the 7th of October, so now it is acceptable for everyone. If you like the stories about criminal investigations, such season will be very interesting for you. So people, who have free time or who want to spent a weekend with the pleasant company must watch this serial and estimate the brilliant play of famous actors and a perfect plot.

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