NCIS Season 14

The criminal drama admired by millions of people all over the world is returning to TV screens in the near future. The producers of the series have confirmed this data very recently. So let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for the announcement of the concrete launch date.

What should we know about the already legendary criminal drama?

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NCIS makes for a criminal drama in the form of the TV serial that was put to airing many years ago. The serial features the work of a crew of special experienced agents from NCIS that is short for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
The serial stars Jon Cryer, Muse Watson, Daniel Zolghadri and Giles Matthey. The debut of the recent chapter was held in the previous year specifically at the end of September.

Narrative details of the story

The action is set in Washington with its following story revolving around the most experienced investigation team. The cases with which the members of the team are dealing present a variety including kidnappings, terrorist threats, and murders of the military personnel – anything that occurs within the Navy or Marine Corps is given for investigation to this crew of detectives.
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Ratings of the serial

The series is distinguished by a unanimous appraisal coming from critics as well as from common viewers. Several years in a row it has been chosen as the best American serial. So this fact is speaking volumes.
So the ratings are impressive. Can you imagine that the total number of viewers when broadcasting the latest chapter was more than 18 million people? Some episodes have garnered, moreover, about 21 million auditory. These numbers are just fantastical. So the developers should not even doubt and hesitate when it goes about the renewal of the serial for the following chapters.

Confirmation of renewal and concrete release date

NCIS Season 14 Cast
This year after a common break in broadcasting of the latest season, the remaining part of episodes has been put to airing if to be more concrete at the beginning of January. On the first day of a calendar spring, a promising announcement was made by the producers of the serial. The thing is that the project is to be resumed as usual for another chapter but this time for the ones number fourteenth and at once number fifteenth. Michael Weatherly is reportedly to leave the acting cast of the serial.
There is no data concerning the NCIS season 14 release date as it is only under development, however, some interesting plot details and cast changes have been unfolded publicly. The thing is we are to get acquainted in the following chapter with two new characters. One of them is reckoned to be a female FBI special agent. The timeframe of the launch is preliminarily considered to be summer-fall 2016.
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