National Treasure Season 2

The British drama series are known around the world for their unusual plots, unique acting and accurately selected cast whose characters have become iconic. Cinematograph knows many such examples, and one of similar projects, which was successfully aired on Channel 4 is National Treasure, a mini-series confirming the quality of the contemporary British television. The first season release date was on September 20, 2016 and since then it has been presented 4 episodes running time of each is about one hour. The viewers are waiting for the new episode of the renewed show today and are asking the creators the question they are worried about: when will National Treasure Series 2 begin? Release Date of the coming program is still unknown, and the audience believes for the next season premiere to be released as soon as possible.
National Treasure Season 2 Cast

Creators Crew

The director of National Treasure is Marc Munden. The script was written by Jack Thorne, a well-known for his work on TV and radio.
The crew of executive producers includes the following personalities:

  • John Chapman;
  • George Faber;
  • Norman Merry;
  • George Ormond;
  • Peter Hampden.

The company producing the series is The Forge. The broadcasting of the program is carried out on Channel 4, a popular British TV network.

Cast and Plot Review

National Treasure Season 2 Spoiler
The main characters of National Treasure are:

  • Paul Finchley (he is played by a Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane famous for his role as Rubeus Hagrid in a world famous saga "Harry Potter");
  • Paul’s wife Marie (an English actress Julie Walters);
  • Finchleys’ daughter Danielle (played by an English actress Andrea Riseborough).

The plot of the series is as follows: an elderly Paul Finchley, a famous comedian, is accused of raping which allegedly happened 30 years before. His family has to face various trials and problems to return to a normal style of life. Some of the plot features were borrowed from real police investigations connected with similar criminal cases. The acting is perfect and the public hopes the next season air date will debut in the nearest future and prove that the show’s exciting format will remain unchanged.

Series Ratings and Viewers’ Feedbacks

The episode which was released on September 20, 2016 was watched by a tremendous number of viewers – 3 million. On a world famous site IMDB the audience has given it a rating of 7.8/10, which is a rather high result.
Both the viewers and the critics have appreciated the idea of the series, its psychological background and high-quality acting. Thus, season two is being awaited with great tension.


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