Narcos Season 3

Narcos Season 3 Release Date


Narcos is an American serial, which was produced by Netflix channel. The first season premiere was presented on the 28th of August last year. The creators of the third season are Chris Brankate, Carl Bernard, and Dag Miro.


Here in the center of attention you can see the following actors in the cast:

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar.

Paulina Gaitan as Tata Escobar.

Boyd Holbrook in the role of Steve Holbrook.

Pedro Pascal in the role of Javier Pena.

Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Velez.

Maurice Compte as Arama Birliginde Albay.

Joanna Christie in the role of Stave Murphy`nin Esi.

Adria Arjona in the role of Helena.

Luis Guzman in the role of Medellin Kartelleri`nin kuru.

Gabriella de la Ganza as Diana Turbay.

Juan Pablo Raba as Gustavo Gaviria.

Christina Umana as Judy Moncada.

Diego Catano in the role of Juan Diego Diaz.

Fiona Horsey in the role of Connie`s Friend.

Laura Perico as Marina Ochoa.

Ana De La Require as Gerilla birliginin kurus usu.

Alberto Ammann as Helmer Pacho Herrera.

Carolina Gaitan in the role of Marta Ochoa.

Jorge A. Jimenez in the role of Roberto Poison Ramos.

Maria Shelton as Juliana.

Raul Mendez as Cesar Gaviria.

Andre Mattos as Jorge Ochoa.

Diana Wiswell as Cockroaches Wife.

Richard T. Jones in the role of CIA Officer.

Jon-Michael Ecker in the role of El Lion.

Roberto Urbina in the role of Fabio Ochoa.

Juan Riedinger as Eduardo Sandoval.

Jorge Monterrosa as Trujillo.

Juan Riedinger as Carlos Lehder.


The third season of the serial is the continuation of the first. Escobar`s soldiers were arrested and they bring CIA a great play. Escobar and his cartel have the loyalty, but in one day everything will change. The cab driver decided to put him to the prison, so he makes an outstanding plan of how to do it.


The Narcos 3 season release date is the 8th of September in the year of 2016. We can say that it is season air date. That is a crime thriller, so when you want to see it, you must be sure, that there was no child near you. The duration of one new episode is 43-57 minutes.

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