Narcos Season 2 Release Date

Narcos Season 2 Release Date


Narcos season 2 will continue the American crime drama series released by Netflix and based on the real events from the life of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

There is no official Narcos season 2 release date yet. But according to some sources from Netflix, it is possible that the second season will be released in August of 2016. All episodes of the second season will be available on the first day for binge-watching.


According to the official press-release left by Netflix, in Narcos season 2 episode 1 we will see such Actors as Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal, Joanna Christie, Paulina Gaitan, Jason Chad Roth, Maurice Compte , Danielle Kennedy and Richard T. Jones. There are possible guest stars.


In the 1980s the drug abuse in the US only raised the head. If the police and had to catch the dealers, then a maximum of kilograms of drugs. But that all changed with the advent of the Colombian Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) – mercilessly and greedy drug lord, by force of arms had cleared his way to the top. He dug in the jungle near the second largest city of Colombia – Medellin. His men looked like an army, and his cocaine sales turnover provided him with 80% of the world market. Millions turned into billions of dollars, and now the US Drug Enforcement Administration is forced to admit that fails, recording that the country supplied tons and tons of the drug. Living in Miami Management agent to combat drug trafficking, Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) began with the pursuit of street addicts who indulged in grass.

Now when the rates rose, and management agent sends to Colombia to get to the Medellin cartel. On-site assistance Murphy has a local policeman Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal). Javier – brave fellow, who has his own original way to carry out the investigation: he sleeps with mistresses of drug lords, to get information from them. Escobar gets an offer from the Chilean chemist nicknamed Cockroach, which brings drug lord on trial a new chemical product. As business Escobar accompanied by brutal murders, and the mortality rate in Medell?n soars to unimaginable levels, many Colombians are outraged impotence of power.

Interesting Facts

  • The first two episodes of the first season took the Brazilian director Jose Padilla, who recently shot the remake of Robocop and the series Elite Squad: The Enemy Within;
  • A few episodes of Narcos involved Guillermo Navarro, winner of the "Oscar" for cinematography work on Pan’s Labyrinth.
  • The first 10-episode season of Narcos on Netflix is broadcasted on Netflix since August 28, 2015;
  • Narcos season 1 was filmed in Colombia in the second half of 2014.

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