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Staying as a new criminal drama, the multipart project under the title “Narcos” was crammed into the list of projects on the widely-used network which is called Netflix at the end of April back to the previous year. As we are aware now, the serial is to return to the channel subscribers in the form of the sophomore installment.

Brief review of another criminal drama on Netflix

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In the abundance of serials broadcast on Netflix, the project referred to as “Narcos” can be defined as the one related to the genre of a criminal drama chock-full of suspense and crimes.
The directory duties come to rest on Chris Brancato, Eric Newman and Carlo Bernard. These three names are also referred to when defining the members of the executive team which also includes Jose Padilha, Eric Newman (Children of Men), the team of Doug Miro and Carlos Bernard (Sorcerer’s Apprentice), and Chris Brancato (Hannibal).
The acting crew is truly impressive including such stars as Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar, Pedro Pascal as Javier Pena, Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy, Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Velez, character based on Virginia Vallejo, Mauricio Compte, Ana de la Reguera as Elisa, Joanna Christie as Connie Murphy, and Manolo Cardona as Eduardo Mendoza.
The serial action as well as its shooting turn to take place surely in Columbia.
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The premiere of the first season was held as far back as at end of summer in 2015. The amount of episodes is a standard one constituting 10. The first and so far the latest installment has been given start in its entity as tradition of the streaming airing requires it.

Following the storyline

The serial comes to be narrative of the most charismatic trafficker and politician Pablo Escobar. The story is reckoned to be the most sophisticated and chilling portrayal of criminality and official corruption ever in their Elite Squad movies. Being promised as the most compelling saga about Pablo Escobar, the serial should be recommended for watching to those admirers of action and criminal dramas.

Being in the know of the latest news

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As the news promises to us, we are already in possession of data concerning the resumption of the show. So the second season is expected to appear on screens. Such an announcement was made as far back as in September 2015 when the first installment became available in its whole. The ratings seem to be fine enough but as the developers prefer, they stay concealed so far.
As the matter stands, the Narcos season 2 release date is so far unknown. If to follow the traditional timeframe of launch, the new portion of episodes should be given start at the end of this summer. So news can be received down the road specifically getting closer to the middle of this summer.
That’s why it is highly recommended to be in the swim as we are following the up-dates on our service in order not to miss any interesting details concerning your beloved multipart project.


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