Mysteries of Laura Season 3

The home channel for the serial under the title “Mysteries of Laura” has not announced yet about the launch of the third chapter though the second season is already over. Let’s hope that the developers will decide the future of the project in favor od another new release.

Production info: behind-the-scene and acting crews, premiere dates of two seasons

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The Mysteries of Laura makes for the criminal drama with speckles of the genre of comedy. The leader of the creative team is reckoned to be Jeff Rake. The given multipart project is nothing else but an adaptation of the already released series by Spanish production titled in a mother language of the country as “Los misterios de Laura”.
The opening of the season was held about two years ago if to be more concrete in the beginning of the fall 2014. The debut of the sophomore chapter coincides with the end of September in the previous year. The latest one chapter consisted originally of 13 parts. The home channel for the American serial is considered to be NBC. Later the giant TV network ordered another 5 parts being shot and then included into the second season. The leading actor of the project is considered to be the one and the only Debra Messing.

What does the comedy present in itself?

The principal heroine of the story is named Laura Diamond. She serves as an investigator officer in one of the police departments in New York. She has to combine her really hard work in terms of intellectual as well as physical expenses with her duties as a single mother of two charming twins. By some quirk of fate, her former spouse named Jake serves as her boss in the department. He decides to harden her life after he has refrained from signing papers for divorce.
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The second season is distinguished by the returning of Jake who has been injured seriously in the pioneer chapter. The issue of their divorce is still to be decided in the sophomore season. A new character is also added in the second part of the serial. Her name is Nancy Santiani. The thing is that she is to stand her ground.

Ratings details

The ratings on various websites are considered to be quite average. For example, on IMDb, the project is scored in more than 6.5 points from 10. The reviews from critics turn to be more promising. They note the serial is a point in case hen it goes about a good mixture of humorous and criminal drama. Moreover, the serial has won the People’s Choice Award in the preceding year. This specifically means that the serial is about to stick around on its home channel.

When can we expect the launch of the third chapter?

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After a Christmas break, the second chapter of the serial came back to us in the beginning of January. The broadcast is now over but we have no information currently about the Mysteries of Laura season 3 release date as well as the possibility of the following launch. Taking into consideration the high level of ranking, there is no doubting that the announcement about the renewal is just a matter of time.


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