My Haunted House Season 5

My Haunted House is a horror TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Lifetime Network channel with the first season release date on the 4th of May 2013. The series is devoted to people whose houses became true nightmares. Horrified people share their impression and stories and the actors bring these stories to life in order to produce a long –lasting impression on the viewers. Everything looks vivid and blood-curdling. My Haunted House season 5 release date hasn’t been announced yet.

The cast includes Cordelia Zawarski, Mark Laursen, Anna Ross, Mikul Robins, Emily Camara Boisseau, Micah Fitzgerald, Marissa Stahl, Flora Gignac, Anthony W. Preston and others.
My Haunted House Season 5 date release


My Haunted House series tells about shocking experiences of people who live in places inhabited by spirits of dead people. The action of every new episode may take place in various locations including happily married couples’ houses of dreams, cabins deep in the wood or inherited property. No matter where and when the action takes place, the essence is always the same – people living there experience never-ending fear because of constant contacts with paranormal occupants. The stories are artfully depicted with perfect actors and sounding. The show is filled with special effects and true-to-life re-enactments. All this is intercepted with interviews of real people. The stories chosen by the creators of the show will chill you to the bones and will keep you scared throughout the episodes.
My Haunted House Season 5

Viewers’ Opinion

Quite a lot of people consider the show to be too unrealistic from the point of view of the stories told by “real” people. However, you should never forget that the show was simply created for the sake of entertainment involving marvelous actors and cool special effects. It certainly will scare you if you’re a lover of horrors and that’s what it’s supposed to do. Most part of the viewers agrees that the show is made a lot better than a number of horror movies released to big screens nowadays.
My Haunted House Season 5

5th Season Air Date

There’s no relevant info in the media about when the channel will revive My Haunted House for season 5, but you’ll definitely be notified. Don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss the new episode or add what you know in the comments down below.

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