Murdoch Mysteries Season 11

Murdoch Mysteries is a TV drama series created in Canada and broadcast by City and CBC TV Channels. Filmed with the participation of Yannick Bisson portraying the main character, William Murdoch –a policeman from Toronto, Ontario. The creators of the series were inspired by Maureen Jennings’ novels.

Plot & Main Character

The series is set in 1895 in Toronto following the main character, Detective William Murdoch (portrayed by Yannick Bisson). He works at Toronto Constabulary, solving many mysteries using his intelligence and psychological methods. William Murdoch actively demonstrates all those methods used by police officers nowadays: fingerprinting (in the series it’s called “finger marks”), tests of blood, trace evidence and surveillance.
Murdoch Mysteries Season 11 date release

Some episodes feature Murdoch using existing technologies of his time in order to create a sort of a technological prototype easily recognized in the 21st century. For example, in one of the episodes he manages to create a sonar to find a ship sunk in Lake Ontario. He also uses a primitive way of wire-tapping and telefax.

What makes the series unusual is a mix of fictional story and real life elements. Fictitious plot of almost every new episode includes people that really existed (H G Wells, Nikola Tesla, Jack London, Arthur Conan Doyle, Queen Victoria, Henry Ford, Sir Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and others). The actual characters are also referred to real 19th century inventions.
Murdoch Mysteries Season 11

Other Characters

Detective Murdoch works together with Inspector Brackenreid (portrayed by Thomas Craig), Doctor Julia Ogden (played by Hélène Joy), and Constable George Crabtree (portrayed by Jonny Harris). The last one is also an eager mystery writer.

Brackenreid is a skeptical, blunt man from Yorkshire. He’s fond of whisky, and typical detective methods being constantly against of everything that Murdoch usually does. However, he feels proud and satisfied by Murdoch’s success paying no attention to the odds

Crabtree is extremely enthusiastic, however, sometimes incapable of grasping advanced detective methods. He’s loyal and helpful, which makes him a perfect assistant.
Murdoch Mysteries Season 11

Dr. Ogden is fond of Murdoch and always supports his eccentric methods. She’s an experienced pathologist and her skills actually help to reveal evidence to solve the hardest of mysteries. She feels rather attracted to Murdoch, but his cold mind doesn’t give this romantic feeling a chance to develop. Later in the series, Dr. Ogden marries to Dr. Darcy Garland. When doctor Emily Grace comes to take her post instead (portrayed by Georgina Reilly), she shows mutual romantic interest in George Crabtree.

11th Season Air Date

Season 10 started on the 10th of October and it hasn’t been concluded yet. There’s no official info on the continuation of Murdoch Mysteries and the eleventh season release date remains unknown. We will let you know as soon as we get more news.

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