Murder in the First Season 4

There are no data related to the future of the Murder in the First series. During the release of the third part, the decline in ratings has been noticed. We hope that developers will not hang down their heads and create another cycle for us. We are in the swim in order to present info for you in time. You should follow us only subscribing to our service.

General Info

Murder in the First is a criminal drama broadcasted on the TNT channel in the USA since 2014. As of today, the audience has three full installments. The latest debut has been arranged rather recently – in June 2016.
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The series comes to be created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal. The trio of companies including Steven Bochco Productions, Shoe Money Productions, and TNT Original Productions has been fabricating the procedural story.
The series stars Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson performing the lead roles of investigators. Each season is devoted to one cold case.

Plot Summary

The series story is about the work of a perfect team of investigators consisting of Hildy Mulligan and Terry English. They are fearless people and detectives to the backbone. Thus, any cold case is within their professional powers. Moreover, Mulligan is a charming woman who attracts attention and makes the story more vivid. English used to be a marine, and now he is set to catch criminals working in harness with this sexy female.

Latest Events of the Story

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As for the developments in the latest third chapter, we cannot but mention that the two embark on the case of a murder of a pro-football player.
Terry English and Hildy Milligan become involved themselves in the intricate intrigues of the world of celebrity and professional sports.

Regarding Ratings and Future

The series resumption should be taken as an apparent event in the history of the criminal drama since the rating level is high enough. The third premiere, for instance, is noted for 1.3 million watchers garnered in front of TV sets. It is less than in the previous chapter but still sufficient for the next installment.
Let’s not beat around the bush and define the exact figures. So, on Rotten tomatoes, the score constitutes 73% out of 100 while on Meteoritic, the score is a little bit lower – only 68 points out of 100.
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As the reviewers state, the developers have managed to apply a new approach to creating a police procedural drama, as they know that it is not a rare case and this genre becomes boring for the audience if something new is not added to the plot.
As far as the series future is concerned, we should say that the producers are still to decide it. The perspectives are great but what we will get in the result only time can show now.
In any case, let’s keep our eyes open as the resumption can be announced at any moment now, as well as some other drama details apart from the Murder in the First season 4 release date which should be exposed only when moving closer to summer 2017.


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