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Murder in Successville is an odd sitcom filmed in Great Britain and full of improvisational elements. The authors of the original idea are Andy Brereton and Avril Spary. Murder in Successville is broadcast by BBC Three. The first episode was released on the 6th of May 2015. The star of the series is Tom Davis portraying DI Sleet. He’s got a partner ready to accompany in solving the hardest murder cases. Each episode is filmed with a new celebrity portraying the main character’s partner. The action takes place in the fictional city of Successville.

Unlucky TV Hit?

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Welcome to Successville! A city filled with neon signs where every night serves as a cover for numerous crimes. The murder number is huge. The man character here is the lonely detective. He’s the only one able to stand the crime in Successville. What makes the series even more hilarious, is that people the detective meets are well-known: the chief of the local police department is Gordon Ramsay, forensics is done by Taylor Swift, Alan and Jimmy Carr acts as gangster and Ian McKellen acts as an old fisherman.
The producers thought the project would be unlucky from the very beginning, but for some reason they decided to give it a try. It’s an unpredictable mix of reality, pranks, sitcom and crime elements. Besides, a new concept of fame adds the series even more originality and freshness.


The actors, portraying celebrities have to react on the spot. They are surrounded by a set of hilarious and sometimes absurd events. Most part of their dialogues is not scripted. This fact made the critics and journalists call Murder in Successville an unholy mess.
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That’s not a typical chat show with the participation of the celebrities. It’s a chance to watch them the way you’ve never seen them before. The actors aren’t allowed to get relaxed, they act with no preparations, hints and director’s commentary after the filming – they have to act on their own just like in their personal movie. Their actions are not directed. The creator of Murder in Successville says that he directs the experience, not the series itself. Some of the guest stars manage to stay completely mute expressing mild bewilderment throughout the series, however it never makes it less funny.

Season 3 Release Date

There’s no official confirmation about the renewal of the show for season 3. The project itself is hilarious and unpredictable at the same time. It appeals to quite a small range of people, that’s why the reviews are mixed. Of course, the show is smart enough, but its future totally depends on the opinions of its viewers.


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