Murder in the First Season 3 Release Date

Murder in the First Season 3 Release Date


Murder in the First season 3 premiere is the American television series created by Steven Bochco with Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson in the lead roles.

According to the official press-release, Murder in the First season 3 release  was announced by TNT for June 19, 2016. It seems that the release date of Murder in the First season 3 will happen in September.


Taye Diggs as Terry Inglisha, Kathleen Robertson as Hildy Mulligan, Tom Felton as Eric Blunt, Mimi Kirkland as Louise Mulligan, Raphael Sbarge as David Malka, Ian Anthony Dale as Koto Jim, Bess Rouse as Ivana West, Nicole Ari Parker in the role of Sonia Perez and Steven Weber as Bill Wilkerson will take part in Murder in the First season 3 release.


The plot revolves around the crime drama, action which takes place in San Francisco, are experienced detectives Hildy Seagrave and Terry Mulligan, who investigate a seemingly ordinary murder addict. However, during the investigation they suddenly come to the CEO for the development of advanced technologies Erich Blunt. Soon heroes of Murder in the First season 3 discover another corpse: the stewardess is killed, who worked in a private plane Blunt. Terry and Hildy to face many obstacles before the killer to stand trial.

Interesting Facts

  • Murder in the First series is not procedural, and consistent with one case for one season. The series kicked off on TNT on June 9, 2014;
  • The term Murder in the First is used in the laws of many US states, the content of the term varies depending on the state, but in general "first degree murder" is considered a more serious crime than the "second-degree murder". According to the laws of California (where, according to the scenario unfolds the film) first degree murder – a murder committed by means of a destructive device or explosive, ammunition, poisoning, ambush, torture, vehicle seizure, maimed, kidnapping, train derailment or a shot from a vehicle means.

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