Mr. D Season 6 Release Date

Mr. D Season 6 Release Date


This Canadian TV series is one of those the plot of which is built around a true story. The comedian Gerry Dee shares his experiences, and humorous talks about what it is the hard work of teaching in school and to educate their children, especially if you yourself do not has a clever mind.

Mr. D season 6 release date has been announced by CTV for the beginning of 2017, probably the end of January. There is no official confirmation, so let’s wait for it, as well as the release date of Mr. D season 6 on DVD and Bluray.


Mr. D season 6 episode 1 cast will mostly remain the same Gerry De, Lauren Hammersley, Suresh John, Mark Little, Bette MacDonald and Kassidy Mattera.


Maybe he does not teach children to distinguish between prophase from metaphase, but the life he will teach them exactly. At the very least, tries to.

The series is one of those that were based on real events. The protagonist – the usual teacher Mr. D. He’s a bit naive and, unfortunately, no different from his colleagues great intelligence and wit. But its main advantage is the kindness and good treatment of his favorite students. In his classes he teaches are not greater profile subject, and how you must live well, one should choose friends and how to understand where the common good and which is evil. But while that most teenagers passed the Master’s words on deaf ears and reluctantly go to his lessons, because they do not understand his instructions and do not want them to listen to it once again. The role of the protagonist takes a well-known comedian, who lives in Canada. At the time, he gave a lot of years of work of coach hockey and the work of teachers in one of the Canadian colleges, until decided to radically change your lifestyle. Now he is ready to talk about his past. Each series will lift your spirits and clearly show the lives of children and their training methods.

Interesting Facts

Mr. D season 6 is based on a true story, as its main actor Gerry Dee hints. This is a life experience of a stand-up comedian Gerry Dee, embodied with the utmost love and irony that such work is a teacher when you are not much smarter than their students.

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A look ahead at Season 4 of Mr. D, starring Gerry Dee

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