Moving the McGillivrays Season 2

Moving the McGillivrays Season 2 Release Date


Moving the McGillivrays is a new serial, which includes a big amount of exciting moments. The season premiere was in September in the year of 2016. But the second season is already available for each person. The Moving the McGillivrays 2 Season release date is the 18th of October in the year of 2016.


This serial will amaze you by the plot, but here you wouldn’t see a lot of characters in the cast who play their roles on a good level. In the center of attention, Scott McGillivray appeared and here her will tell you the Story of his crazy life.

The director of the serial is Marc Simard. The serial is produced by Andrew McGillivray, Scott McGillivray, Derek Miller, Gaelle Renzaglia. Among the editors, we will mention Aaron Shapero, Nathan Shields.


Scott McGillivray is a very popular celebrity, especially if we will take the attention the HGTV Channel. This year he decided to renew his show, which brings him a great popularity. In his show, he together with his wife tries to build the house of their dreams, in which they wanted to live together with all the members of his family.

This couple has a really busy life, so the personal and professional fronts are rather Interesting and you will understand it while watching the new season of the serial. He has two daughters and several part-time jobs, also he works under different parallel projects, such as house buildings.

But the Main aim of his family is to make an outstanding house, in which they will live friendly and happily. This family has great plans for their future, so they do everything, what they can do to reach the aim.


If you want to enjoy the serial watching, you must choose this cinema masterpiece in order to get the best results. You can watch it with your family and each member will enjoy it at all. To be honest, that serial was created for people of different ages, so you will have a great opportunity to spend your free time with a good and Interesting serial.

The new episode will be really outstanding.

When you don’t know the information about season air date, you can use such data.

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