Mountain Goats Season 2

Sitcoms are always easy to watch. They’re never too serious to provoke deep thoughts about social or financial troubles. They were invented for pure entertainment focusing on the viewer’s wishes and attitude. Mountain Goats sitcom firstly appeared in 2014 being one of the products of BBC Comedy Playhouse. The title of the project was different on the start. The initial idea of the title was Miller’s Mountain. Then the series received commission from BBC and changed the title for Mountain Goats. The show concentrates attention on ramblers dealing with their life’s hardships and complications.

In Brief

The action takes place in Scottish mountains where a group of people deals with rescues. Mountain Goats is filmed in extremely picturesque parts of Scotland. It’s also one of the most dangerous places for tourists and unexperienced mountain climbers. The heroes of the show help people out in hard and life-threatening circumstances. Sometimes they have to rescue themselves. They call themselves mountain goats and it’s quite evident why.
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The Characters

When the characters have nothing to do and no one to save, they get together in a bar with a strange name – Old Goat. They have visitors and lead long and warm conversations with each other.
The regular visitors of Old Goat:
Jimmy (portrayed by Jimmy Chisholm). He can surely be called an old and experienced mountain goat. He’s never afraid of the wild world outside and always has something to share with the group being the leading brain in the company of friends and co-workers.
Bill (Portrayed by David Ireland). He’s the strangest and most enigmatic member of Mountain Goats.
Bernie (portrayed by Kathryn Howden). She’s an easy-going and generous person. One of the most cheerful members of the group. She manages to pull everyone together and lead Mountain Goats the right straight way to resolve a problem.  She’s hardworking and prompt.
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Conor (portrayed by Kevin Mains). He’s handsome and charming. He’s quite a cute young man with only one fault – sometimes he’s too na?ve.
Jules (portrayed by Sharon Rooney). The property owner and the main woman in the pub. That’s a fierce woman with a marvelous natural force. She’s able to pull you out of all troubles immediately.

Release Date of Season 2

The pilot episode was broadcast on the 3rd of March. The series itself started with the first episode broadcast on the 23rd of April, 28th of May and 4th of June 2015 in different regions of UK. The first season concluded on the 18th of September 2015 on BBC One. There’s no more news about the broadcasts. The show hasn’t been cancelled, but the plans for the future of the series aren’t clear.


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