Motel Season 2

Motel is a new addition to the night-late slate of the Cinemax channel which is famous for its series being sensual. The series has been taken from the programming list of HBO Latin America. The freshman season release date is August 18, 2016, exactly. The first and the latest season premiere includes six episodes with the volume of each one comprising thirty minutes.
As for the creators, they are the members of Brazilian Bossa Nova Films.  Fabrizia Pinto serves as an immediate filmmaker in this project. Meanwhile, Margarida Ribeiro leads the team of executives.

A Perfect Program for a Late-night Slate

Motel Season 2 Cast
Following the series concept and ideas, we should notify you at first that each new episode is devoted to a separate genre in which it is shot. The variants of genres include suspense, horror, romance, drama, comedy, and police procedural.
What features unite them are the Divine Sin motel as the immediate place of action, the context of eroticism, and mystery in the majority of cases and the rarest case is a perversion. Each new part offers a different cast of performers and characters with new approaches applied, new settings arranged, and new perspectives tried.

Offering Some Other Specifics

The originality is a conspicuous peculiarity of this serial. The events that take place in the above-mentioned motel amaze with their diversion starting from the appearance of Zoraide and ending in the planned suicide that goes the unplanned and unexpected way.
Motel Season 2 Spoiler
Has this inspired you to follow this project? Or have you already watched it? What are your impressions then? In any case, pen your thoughts regarding this serial in the comments below! We would be much pleased to hear from you!

When Can We Expect the Next Season Premiere?

It would be strange a bit to expect the appearance of the Motel season 2 release date. The series renewal is a completely another deal – it can be announced at any moment now. Do you agree? The chances are certainly high due to the uniqueness of the story. The series future will be bright, according to our suppositions. Stay tuned for the resumption and forget about the new season air date for some time.


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