Moone Boy Season 4

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General Overview

Moone Boy is a touching sitcom created in Ireland. It is broadcast on Sky1 both in United Kingdom and Ireland. It is also broadcast on PBS channel and Hulu channel in the United States. The author of the original story and the creator of the series is Chris O’Dowd. The directors are Declan Lowney, Ian Fitzgibbon and Chris O’Dowd. The first episode of the series premiered on the 14th of September 2012.

Martin Moone, the protagonist of the story, is a little boy who leads his life accompanied by his elder imaginary friend Sean. the storyline is set in 1990.

Plot, Cast and Crew Details

The main character of the series is Martin Paul Kenny Dalglish Moone. He’s a twelve year old boy who’s got an imaginary friend named Se?n Murphy. Martin is the only son and the youngest kid in the family. They live in Boyle – a tiny rural town in Ireland. Martin’s got a very unique and unusual personality. His imaginary friend helps him through lots of complex situations. The series is partially created with the use of childish animation to depict Martin’s imagination drawings. The kid comes up with ridiculous schemes of life and Sean always helps him to make a wise choice. Martin’s relatives are kinda strange and chaotic which makes him negotiate his life being the youngest in the family.
The cast:
Moone Boy Season 4 Promo

  • David Rawle as Martin Moone
  • Chris O’Dowd as Se?n Caution Murphy
  • Johnny Vegas as Crunchie Haystacks
  • Deirdre O’Kane as Debra Moone
  • Peter McDonald as Liam Moone
  • Ian O’Reilly as Padraic O’Dwyer
  • Tom Hickey as Grandad Joe
  • Aoife Duffin as Trisha Moone
  • Clare Monnelly as Fidelma Moone
  • Sarah White as Sin?ad Moone
  • Norma Sheahan as Linda
  • Steve Coogan as Francie "Touchy" Fehily
  • Steve Wall as Danny Moone
  • Ronan Raftery as Dessie

Facts and More

Moone Boy Season 4 Cast

  • Filmed in Boyle – mother town of Chris O’Dowd.
  • The authors of the book asked the filmmakers to get Johnny Depp in the series.
  • Chris O’Dowd, the creator of the original story, participates in the filming as one of the protagonists.

Season 4 Release Date

In the US the series can be watched through Hulu – online video service. The three seasons are available already. It is also known that ABC decided to adapt the series for the American viewers. Chris O’Dowd is going to create the script, but he’s not going to participate in the filming of the American version. Unfortunately, there’s no news about the fourth season’s release date.


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