Modern Family Season 8 Release Date

Modern Family Season 8 Release Date


Modern Family season 8 is a critically-acclaimed, Emmy-award winning comedy TV series from ABC channel. After the seventh of the season, many fans wanted to know when there will be new episodes of this extremely popular comedy on TV. Well, the 8th season is currently is in the production.

According to some officials from ABC channel. Modern Family season 8 release date was scheduled for September 21, 2016. The series will get the release date for its 8th season on DVD and Bluray.


Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Rico Rodriguez and others will take part in Modern Family season 8 episode 1.


The focus in Modern Family season 8 premiere is still on the life of the representatives of three modern American families. The first family we see an elderly rich man Jay Pritchett, who, after his divorce from his wife started a big party. On this holiday, he met a beautiful and young Colombian Gloria. After some time, the couple married. For Jay came the hard times. He should forget about old age and meet his young wife.

During the three of a family, which is the most traditional of all three, we see Claire and Phil Daphne. The couple have three children. However, there are some problems. So Phil tries very hard to be his board for their teenage children. These attempts only his stronger than they are confused.

The third pair is a married gay couple, which is composed of Jay’s son from his first marriage and his friend Cameron. With great difficulty the men manage to adopt a little Vietnamese girl Lily.

The series presents a wide variety of modern families that are common for the United States.

Interesting Facts

  • The first season of the show Modern Family came out on television screens in 2009. Since then, every new season shows good audience ratings, which provides the series’ extension of the new season;
  • Even the troubles in Modern Family sitcom is just an excuse for another fun adventure;
  • The actor Ed O’Neill, who played Jay Pritchett, in real life, have two daughters, whose name is Claire and Sofia. In the series, Julie Bowen plays Pritchett daughter named Claire, the actress Sofia Vergara plays the wife of Jay;
  • The only character who is not a family member of The Pritchetts appears in every season of the series –Dylan is performed Reid Ewing.

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