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Will there be a continuation of Mixels? Was the animated TV series renewed or cancelled after its 2nd season? Has there been any official announcement from Cartoon Network on the fate of this show? I sit one of the 10 series that have been renewed on the channel?


Mixels is the name of the tiny things which have the capacity of mixing with each other in a variety of ways, just like LEGO details (the capacity which gave the creatures their name). Tom Kenny, David P. Smith, Jess Harnell, Phil LaMarr, Matt Taylor, Fred Tatasciore, Bumper Robinson, and Billy West are the actors who have voiced the characters in Mixels. Unlike the other LEGO-related animated series, Mixels use Toon Boom Harmony software, rather than being powered by the more standard CGI animation technology utilized in Legends of Chima and Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. In March 2014, the Mixels app was released, and there are Mixel-based LEGO collectibles currently in production.


Cartoon Network is famous for its weird animated TV shows. One of the series recently broadcast by the channel is Mixels, a fantasy comedy show whose creators are David P. Smith (also known for The Powerpuff Girls) and John Fang (also the creator of Avengers: United They Stand). A group of executive producers with Mixels consists of Jennifer Pelphrey (the creator of Steven Universe), Tramm Wigzell (known for his work on Green Lantern: The Animated Series), Brian A. Miller (the producer of Clarence), and Rob Sorcher (previously known from Over the Garden Wall). Cartoon Network serves both as the show’s production company and its distributor. Mixels was first aired on the channel in February 2014.


Slightly more than a year after the season 1 premiere, the second season of Mixels came out on small screens in first half of March 2015. Mixels was one of the 10 cartoon series which were renewed by the official statement from Cartoon Network during the press-conference. The rest of the shows include: Adventure Time, Clarence, Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, Sonic Boom, and Regular Show. They are all scheduled for another season in the 2015-2016 TV period. We can predict that Mixels: season 3 will be out somewhere in early 2016, following the pattern of its first two seasons. The release date has not been announced yet, which is why we advise you to subscribe to our notifications.

What Cartoon Network show is your favorite one? Do you like Mixels? What are your favorite characters in the series?

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