Mistresses Season 4 Release Date

Mistresses Season 4 Release Date


ABC prolonged its long-running comedy/drama TV series Mistresses for the 4th season. Let’s wait for the official updates about the plot. However, it was confirmed that Mistresses will consist of 14 episodes. And it will probably be the last season of the TV show.

Mistresses season 4 release date was scheduled by ABC Studios for June of 2016.


The Main roles in Mistresses season 4 premiere are played by the well-known actresses Alyssa Milano, Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes and Jes Macallan. Writers K.Steinberg and Rachel Field, SJ Clarkson will return for writing the script for the 4th season.


Savannah Davis (Alyssa Milano ) – held a beautiful middle-aged woman, working as a lawyer, I’m married. In marriage, she was happy, until it turned out that her husband cannot have children. Savannah is a way out, but by the betrayal. Karen Kim (Yunjin Kim) – psychotherapist. For a long time she was working with his patient ill with lung cancer. Eventually, she falls in love with him. After his death, his son, unaware of his father’s mistress and tries to ask about Karen. But she keeps everything under control, even their emotions, and does not tell friends about their relationship.

Malloy April (Rochelle Aytes) – a widow and single mother. After his death, her husband left her shop, which runs April. Several years have passed since the tragedy, but it has not yet decided to start a relationship with men. And suddenly on the threshold of her house there is a mistress of her husband. Dzhosslin Carver (Jes Macallan) – younger sister Savannah, a lonely, self unencumbered relationships, sexy, funny. Powered by the listing agent, flirts with his boss, who is married, but Jocelyn buys a house next to the office.

Interesting Facts

  • Initially Mistresses is the UK TV show that was broadcasted on BBC in 2008;
  • The premiere of Mistresses on ABC Studios was held in summer of 2013;
  • Mistresses is the second attempt to transfer to the American television remake of the British original. In 2008, Lifetime filmed eponymous pilot who did not get the green light to shoot the series. It is noteworthy that in that adaptation also starred Rochelle Aytes who appears in Mistresses season 4 release.

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‘Mistresses’ Renewed by ABC for Season 4

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