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The Missing is the US drama TV series, which will be unforgettable for each person. The season premiere of it was in November in the year of 2014, but now we are ready to present the most exciting second season. The Missing 2 Season release date is the 12th of October in the year of 2016.


People, who appear here in the cast, will amaze you by their professionalism and approach to each new role. Among the Main characters it is important to underline:

  • Tcheky Karyo.
  • Anastasia Hille.
  • James Nesbitt.
  • Frances O`Connor.
  • Emilie Dequenne.
  • Jason Flemyng.
  • Titus De Voogdt.

The directors of the serial are Tom Shankland and Ben Chanan. The producers are Colin Callender, Willow Grylls, Scott Huff, Elaine Pyke, Harry Williams, Jack Williams, Charles Pattinson, Jan Vrints, Eurydice Gysel, Polly Hill, David Clarke, Letitia Knight, Alex Verbaere, Emma Pike, Koen Fransen.


The Main idea of this serial is to show Tony Hughes. He is a great person, who wins the FIFA World Cup and now he wanted to relax with the closest people in his life. He wanted to spend his vacation with the beautiful wife Emily and the son Oliver, who is now 5 years old.

But on the road to the place, where they must relax, their car was broken and they decided to have a good time in a small town. They spend not so many time together, so they have a great opportunity to do it.

Then the events of 8 years later will be shown and Oliver disappeared. His parents wanted to find the boy and each day police come closer to the investigation. Tony and Emily wanted Oliver to return and they did a lot of efforts in order to solve such a problem.


This serial will amaze you by the events, which are shown in the new season. People, who just wanted to be happy, very often have the problems of such character and even a lot of money can`t change such a situation.

The running time of each new episode of the new season is 60 minutes, so each one will be like a little film, in which different characters and events will take place. Pay attention, that only adults will have an opportunity to watch this amazing TV serial.

When the season air date needs to be checked, this article will help you to find the necessary data.

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The Missing: Series 2 Teaser Trailer – BBC One

THE MISSING Season 2 TRAILER (2016) BBC Series

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