Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Season 4

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a detective TV series created in Australia and released on the 24th of February 2012 by ABC channel. The plotline bases on the novels of Kerry Greenwood. The creators of the series are Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger. The plotline focuses on professional and personal affairs of a private detective named Phryne Fisher (portrayed by Essie Davis). The action is set in Melbourne of 1920s. 120 countries has already bought the series to broadcast it on their territory.


Phryne Fisher (portrayed by Essie Davis). A determined and skillful private detective. She’s glamorous, persistent and smart at a time. Able to solve the hardest of mysteries in every new episode – she will always do everything possible to wrap up the case successfully.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 4 date release

Detective John Robinson, often referred to as Jack (portrayed by Nathan Page). Accompanies Fisher, but reluctant to her investigation methods and to her personality in general.

Dorothy Williams, nicknamed Dot (portrayed by Ashleigh Cummings). Accompanies Fisher. In the beginning of the series, she’s in a relationship with Hugh Collins. Eventually they get married.

Constable Hugh Collins is Robinson’s faithful companion (portrayed by Hugo Johnstone-Burt). He’s also a boyfriend of Dot that eventually becomes her husband.

Mr. Butler (portrayed by Richard Bligh). He’s a butler at Fisher’s household able to perfectly manage everything and share sensible advice if needed. In the past, he served in the Australian Imperial Force.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 4

Bert Johnson and Cec Yates often participate in Fisher’s investigations. They are two friends from the working class and devoted communists (portrayed by Travis McMahon and Anthony Sharpe).

Dr. Elizabeth Macmillan referred to as Mac (portrayed by Tammy MacIntosh). A good friend of Miss Fisher working at Melbourne hospital.


Phryne Fisher is the protagonists of a series of novels written by Kerry Greenwood. Phryne belongs to a wealthy aristocratic family. She deals with private investigations of crimes in Melbourne of 1920s. She’s helped by her maid referred to as Dot. She’a also often aided by Bert and Cec (working class fellows). Phryne has nothing in common with typical aristocrats. She’s able to fly planes, drive cars and wear trousers (outrageous things for a woman of 1920s). When doing all this she’s also able to look stylish, according to the class she belongs to.

Phryne hasn’t been wealthy all the time. Actually, she was born in a family of poor people in Richmond. In time of World War I her father manages to inherit the title. This way Fisher received fortune and style. Her aunt’s name is Mrs. Prudence Stanley.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 4

After finishing school, she gets to France joining women’s ambulance in time of the World War I. Phryne receives a number of bravery rewards. Works as a model for artists. Moves to Melbourne to find a family friend. Lifestyle there seems pleasing to her and she decides to stay in Melbourne. She finds a number of friends and partners starting her career of a private agent.

Curious Fact

Phryne comes from a name of a Greek courtesan of the 4th century BC. It happened because of her father’s mistake at christening. The name her parents intended to give her is Psyche.

Fourth Season Release Date

No news available on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and its fourth season air date, but the cast is actively expressing interest in the renewal in social media. Stay tuned not to miss the 4th season premiere!

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