The Mind of the Murderer Season 3

The Mind of the Murderer Season 3 Release Date


The Mind of the Murderer is the criminal and documental serial, which will amaze you by the Interesting and unusual plot. The season premiere was in the year of 2015, but in this year the 3rd one is already available. The Mind of the Murderer 3 Season release date is the 21st of October in the year of 2016.


Here the serial cast plays a very important role, so here in the center of attention you will see the next people:

  • Michelle Ward and Sarah Martin.
  • Jonathan Gabriel Charles and Travis Branch.
  • Clinton Clark and Rose Cordova.
  • Thomas Dekker and Eleri Ever.
  • Robert House and Rachel Ann Jerome.
  • Claudia Peters and Natalie Pitcairn.
  • LaRea Smith and John Wilburn.
  • James Zeiss and Robert Aceto.
  • Vernon Adamides and Travis Artz.
  • Julia Beach and Carol Ann Bell.
  • Scott Braden and Jeremy Burkett.
  • Jake Chuck and Michael Cleary.
  • Daniel Delano and Lauren Engleman.
  • Lydia Fiore and Michael Ford.
  • Vincent Ford and Chelsea Frei.
  • Jillian Geurts and Linda Gilmore.
  • Darby Harmon and Darrin Hickok.
  • Natalie Jacobs and Large King.
  • William Kozy and Jack Maylikin.
  • Samantha Moyer and Michael Murray.
  • Jarrod Pistilli and Rachel Romney.
  • Rosanne Rubino and Gabriel Rysdahl.
  • Stefano Black and Tyree Brown.
  • Elliott Eisenberg and Steve Ferraris.
  • John Fowler and Gaston Franco.
  • John Gannon and Kadeem Henry.

The director of the serial is Richard LeMay. The producers are Alex Herta, Bruce David Klein, Carolyn Miller, Fae Moore, Julie Shuler, Cruz Angeles, Andrea Rothstein, Lisa Bryant, Josh Eisenberg.


In the Main attention, you will see Dr. Ward, who is the best expert in psychopathic behavior. She has the unique presence on the screen. In every presented episode, she will meet the convicted murderer face to face. And she made her own explorations in order to estimate, what the type of person he is.

During her career, she has no problems and all the consequences are rather accurate. Besides, she has a great talent – she likes to cover the nature of the person and make her own conclusions.


The new episode will amaze you at all.

The season air date is very important when we talk about one or another serial.

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