Million Dollars Listing New York: Ryan`s Wedding Season 2

Million Dollars Listing New York: Ryan`s Wedding Season 2 Release Date


Million Dollars Listing New York: Ryan`s Wedding is an American TV serial, which will be the most Interesting for women of different ages. The season premiere was in March in the year of 2012 and now we are ready with the continuation. The Million Dollars Listing New York: Ryan`s Wedding 2 Season release date is the 14th of October in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast, it is important to name the most popular people. So, here you will see:

  • Fredrik Eklund.
  • Ryan Serhant.
  • Luis D. Ortiz.
  • Michael Lorber.

Among the executive producers, we can name Danielle King, Fenton Bailey, Megan Estrada, Randy Barbato.


That is serial, which will make your dreams come true. Here in the center of attention, you will see, how Ryan make a proposal for Emilia Bechrakis. And she said yes, so now they must be ready for the most exciting event of their life.

As you know, planning takes a lot of time, so the pair decided to be more extraordinary – the wedding ceremony will be held in Greece, on Corfu. That is the most romantic place in the world, so they are ready to make this day really special.

In order to organize the most luxurious wedding, they decide to ask for a help the show Million Dollar Listing New York and it will help the lovely pair to organize  Ryan’s Wedding by every stage.

That is some kind of feelings check because the future wife and husband will overcome this event. A lot of difficulties will be on their way, but they are ready because they love each other and wanted to build the strong and big family.


It doesn’t matter, are you married or nor, a girl like to watch the serials like this again and again. This time you will have an opportunity to follow the life of rich people and take into attention their tastes. So, to be honest, it will help you to feel the greatest relax ever.

The duration of each new episode is approximately 41-43 minutes, so you will have enough free time to watch and enjoy it.

When the season air date is your Main aim, you can name it, according to the data of this article.

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Million Dollar Listing: New York

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