Mighty Magiswords Season 2


Mighty Magiswords is an animated comedian serial with fantasy elements. It was produced and created in America. As for the season premiere, here we must name May in the year of 2015. And nowadays people can watch the second season will all its possibilities. The Mighty Magiswords 2 Season release date is the 24th of October in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors to that serial include the following people with great actor talent:

  • Kyle A. Carrozza.
  • Grey DeListe.
  • Eric Bauza.
  • Mr. Lawrence.
  • Lindsay Smith.
  • The Great Luke Ski.
  • Arin Hanson.

The director of the serial is Ken Mitchroney. Among the producers, we must name Kyle A. Carrozza, Robert Romero, Brian A. Miller, Jennifer Pelphrey, Rob Sorcher, Brent Tanner, Tramm Wigzell, Nick Bertonazzi. The editor is Tom Browngardt.


Here in the center of attention, you will see Vampire and Proyas. They aren’t siblings, but they make their team of Warriors for Hire. Each day they have a lot of crazy adventures and they a lot of ideas of what to do and where to go. This two characters in the new season will back to 1996, where they were the students of high school. And it helped him to make networks series. Also here appeared the other characters, which include Grup the Dragon. He is a small creature and in such a period of time he lives with Princess Zange. Very frequent he uses his own team because now he has The Mysterious Hooded Woman. She likes raves and now she trying to be sent to Vampire and Proyas. Each time they meet a lot of mysterious creatures and now they don’t know, what to do with them.


This serial will be really alluring for people of different ages because here a lot of genres are combined. Among them, we must mention comedy, fantasy, adventure. The running time of each new episode is also very suitable – just 11 minutes. And they will help you to see the people from different sides and in different periods of time. Here you can see yourself and some of the characters will be similar to your friends and even relatives.

This information will be really important when you will need to name the season air date. 

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