Midsomer Murders Season 19 Release Date

Midsomer Murders Season 19 Release Date


The veteran British criminal and puzzle dramatization TV series, Midsomer Murders is back on screen with the six-episode in the eighteenth season. The present series debuted on ITV on January 19, 2016, while the show ‘s been reporting in real time subsequent to 1997.

British TV channel ITV prolonged its ongoing TV thriller/criminal procedural drama Midsomer Murders for the 19th season. Currently there is no news about the exact Midsomer Murders season 19 release date since the 18th season is still airing. But it is known for sure the show will come back since it was officially confirmed by the creators. So we should expect Midsomer Murders season 19 release date in January of 2017.


The series featured John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby for thirteen series and seeking after his retirement in 2010, he was supplanted by Neil Dudgeon as the new lead character DCI John Barnaby, Tom’s cousin. The director of the new season will be Alex Pillai. In Midsomer Murders season 19 premiere you will notice Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby, Gwilym Lee as DS Charlie Nelson, Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby, Manjinder Virk as Dr. Kam Karimore, Helen Baxendale as Rose Lancaster and many other guest actors.


Midsomer Murders season 19 episode 1 you will still see provincial England and spins close DCI Barnaby’s examinations of killings which apply put frequently in pleasant English field. Truth be told, quite a bit of series’ prosperity originates from the disharmony between the peaceful scenes and way of life and the upheavals of viciousness which apply place in the improbably include.

Interesting Facts

  • Midsomer Murders 19 season still depends on Chief Inspector Barnaby character and his colleagues/family/friends taken from the book series via Caroline Graham, created by Bentley releases and official delivered by Jo Wright since Midsomer Murders season 15;
  • The series has an unfaltering seeking after and brags reliably high audience rating results. The present series opened to a group of people of 6.63 million gathering of people, however lost over a million by the third episode.

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Midsomer Murders Season 19 Release Date
Midsomer Murders Season 19 Release Date

Midsomer Murders – The Killings Of Copenhagen: The 100th Episode Official Trailer

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