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British TV based on fictional characters from books has always looked intriguing and original. This show is one of the oldest shows on British TV cause it started broadcasting in 1997 and is still highly popular. The directors of Midsomer Murders used the original idea taken from the book named Chief Inspector Barnaby. The author of this mysterious detective drama fiction is Caroline Graham. The adaptation was performed by Anthony Horowitz. There are 18 seasons in the project with 110 episodes in total. The series is aired by ITV.

Short Plotline

The protagonist of the series is John Barnaby (portrayed by Neil Dudgeon). He works in local Criminal Investigation Department situated in a fictional town named Causton (in reality the filming took place in Wallington). He’s also a cousin of the former leading character named Tom Barnaby (portrayed by John Nettles).
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The plotline lies in England of modern days concentrating viewers’ attention on Barnaby and his multiple efforts and struggles to resolve the hardest of most mysterious cases. He’s accompanied by sergeants that change every season. Midsomer Murders never stop being attractive for the viewers because of the unpredictable scenes of violence, strange rituals and mysterious criminal affaires.
The series has a very cool feature – each episode is filled with nice humor that turns the gloomy episodes into a dark comedy with black humor. It’s a so-called dramedy – a mix of dramatic comedy with a comic drama.


Midsomer Murders was called a bastion of Englishness. This “nickname” means that the show is appealing for a certain group of people because of the dark and gloomy atmosphere combined with dark and cruel jokes.
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Curious Fact

We believe that the viewers have already paid attention to the catchy soundtrack tune. The composer of it is Jim Parker. He used a non-typical musical instrument for this aim. The instrument sounds like a human voice. Later the soundtrack went through some insignificant changes.

Release Date Info

Great news! Producers and directors of the show has already made an official announcement about the continuation of exciting Midsomer Murders series. The 19th season will be set out of 6 episodes. The actors playing the characters of pathologist and the sergeant will be changed for Manjinder Virk and Nick Hendrix. The exact release date isn’t available now, but the producers actively work on the filming and promise the series to appear in 2017.


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