Mercy Street Season 2 Release Date

Mercy Street Season 2 Release Date


Mercy Street season 2 premiere is a collaboration between two famous directors Jeremy Webb and Roxann Dawson, on account of which several paintings captured, some projects were successful. Ridley Scott is one of the creative producers of the TV show.

There is already an official date of the release for the second season. Mercy Street season 2 release date is planned for January 22, 2017. However, there is no any news about Mercy Street season 2 release date on Bluray and DVD.


In Mercy Street season 2 episode 1 you will see such Actors – McKinley Belcher III, Emily Marie Palmers, Tara Summers, Gary Cole, Hannah James, Anna Sophia Robb, Suzanne Bertish, Peter Gerety, Luke Macfarlane, Wade Williams, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, etc.


The Storyline in Mercy Street season 2 premiere tells us about the hard fate of the two nurses who work and save the lives of soldiers and officers in the civil war which took place in 1861-1865. One of the nurses called Mary Finney and other Emma Green, they are working on different fronts, but fate brings them to the same hospital, where they like a soldier.

The war between North and South. Outside, 1861. In the spotlight are two women who have different political opinions and are located on opposite sides of the barricades. They most likely would never have met if not for the war, and not a single incident.

Each of them has their own opinion and attitude to things happening around, but in spite of their own political passions, women continue to nurse the soldiers that are fighting on opposite sides. Their compassion does not change opinions and never break a staunch supporter. Ladies do not think about the struggle and altruistic rescue injured soldiers, never thinking about what will happen to them by the next day. Out Time of serial film "Mercy Street" season 2 until he announced.

In the past, the hotel called The Green has a gorgeous location, this hotel had the opportunity to relax wealthy person. Today, the institution turned into a hospital for the Union Army. Emma Green is considered a supporter of Confederation. Maria Finn considered defender newest UK. At no time prior to this episode, the women had never met.

Interesting Facts

The production studios of Mercy Street has arranged for fans of the TV project the unique guide tours. Anyone can go on a tour of the places where the shooting took place series – Alexandria, Richmond, Virginia, to discover the real places that inspired the creators of the TV show.

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