Medici: Masters of Florence Season 2

Medici: Masters of Florence Season 2 Release Date


Medici: Masters of Florence is an Interesting TV serial with drama elements. The season premiere of is was in October this year. And now we have a great surprise for you – the second season of the serial is already available. The Medici: Masters of Florence 2 Season release date is the 11th of December in the year of 2016.


The cast of the serial includes the Main and recurrent people. As for the Main Actors, here we must underline:

  • Richard Madden.
  • Stuart Martin.
  • Annabel Scholey.
  • Guido Caprino.
  • Alessandro Sperduti.
  • Valentina Belle.
  • Ken Bones.

The director of the serial is Sergio Mimica-Gezzan. The producers are Luca Bernabei, Matilde Bernabei, Luisa Cotta Ramosino, Sara Melodia, Sharon Remmer, Piergiuseppe Serra, Frank Spotnitz, Huw Kennair-Jones, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Daniele Passani, Fanie Petrocchi, Riccardo Russo.


All the events of this serial took place in the 15th century in Florence. Here you can see the times of Florentine Republic and among the stars, you will see such people, as Richard Madden and Cosimo de` Medici.

It is some kind of family and political drama and in the new season, you will see the time after the death of Giovanni, the patriarch. His ambitious were so big, so now all the events are unusual and unexpected – a lot of people just don’t know, what to do.

The great number of viewers will be attracted to this serial because it is aired all over the world and translated into different languages. Pay attention, that the second season will be more alluring and charming because of the big amount of events.


That serial will be amazing for people, who prefer to watch the drama serials. Here everything is on the highest level – the cast, the plot, the idea. So, while watching it, you wouldn’t be dull, because the effect of that serial is unbelievable.

The duration of each new episode will be accepted by everyone, so you can watch the serial in any suitable time and that will help you to stay in a good mood.

When the season air date is an important information, the data in this article will satisfy you.

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