Mech-X4 Season 2

Not long ago Disney XD channel presented to viewers a new series in the genre of science fiction with elements of comedy, and both children and adult audiences have been waiting the premiere. The show is called Mech-X4, and its broadcasting has been going on now. But even at the very moment the audience is puzzled about when Mech-X4 season 2 will be launched. Release date of the next series is not known to the viewers, but the creators are confident that the return of a renewed program is being awaited with tension. Its coming will be rather logical as a great numbers of Disney’s fans were interested in the first season air date.

Developers and Authors

Mech-X4 Season 2 Cast
The first new episode was launched on November 11, 2016, and by today five 22-minute parts have already been released.
The creator of Mech-X4 is Steve Marmel, an American producer and writer famous for many animated series. His colleagues are executive producers developing the project and often responsible for the select of its cast. These personalities are the following ones:

  • Zach Lipovsky;
  • Anupam Nigam;
  • Brian Hamilton.

Production companies distributing the series are Marmel Dynamics, Omnifilm Entertainment and Bay City Productions. The network which is going to present the next season release date is respected and beloved Disney.

About the Series

The story tells about a young man Ryan Walker (the character is played by Nathaniel Potvin). The guy has an unusual ability to manage a variety of electronic mechanisms of the power of his mind. Once he manages to revive the robot who calls himself Mech-X4. They become friends, and they both have to face the evil and protect themselves and other residents of the city from serious danger.
Mech-X4 Season 2 Spoiler
Among the other characters that appear in the series are:

  • Harris (plated by Kamran Lucas);
  • Mark Walker (presented by Raymond Cham);
  • Connor “Spyder” Johnson (an actor Pearce Joza) and others.

Prospects for Continuation

According to the current rating the project doesn’t have a huge popularity (on IMDB its rating is of 5.3/10 score). Anyway, the second season premiere is being strongly awaited by the lovers of such a format and the fans of an action series. When season 2 is released, it is sure to gain more positive feedbacks and deserve audience recognition. Stay tuned not to miss the schedule of all the following episodes and to be aware of any possible changes in the plot and cast.


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