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MECH-X4 Season 2 Release Date


MECH-X4 is a TV series with science and fiction pieces. That serial was made in America. The season premiere was on November in the year of 2016. And now we want to present the second one. The MECH-X4 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast for that serial, we must notice, that here you will see a lot of unusual characters. They will appear here so often, so you must know their names:

  • Paul Lazenby.
  • John DeSantis.
  • Rohan Campbell.
  • Kaitlin Cheung.
  • Allysa Lynch.
  • Ryan Beil.
  • Kazumi Evans.

The directors are Adam B. Stein, Zach Lipovsky, Eric Dean Seaton, Emile Levisetti, Kaare Andrews. The producers are Zach Lipovsky, Ian Hay, Brian Hamilton, Steve Marmel, Kandi Dibley, Anupam Nigam.


In the Main role here you will see Ryan Walker. He is the high school student and in one day he realized, that he has a special gift – he is not an ordinary person, he is technopath. This talent present Ryan a chance to Maintain the devices in his mind.

He decided to make a special robot, which will help him in the future to save the world from invaders. Everybody think, that he is a real genius.

In this Story, you will also meet the friends of Ryan. They are Connor Johnson, Harris, and Mark. These characters are narrated by Pearce Joza, Kamran Luca, Raymond Cham. Together they are rather an unusual team with extraordinary possibilities, so they believe, that robot MECH-X4 will help the people to save the planet from annihilation.


If your aim is to watch the serial with an unusual plot, this one will be the greatest for you. It will introduce the people, who are the world savers and to get the best results, they create a special robot. If the planet Earth will be empty from the invaders, that will help ordinary people to live their lives fully and without any problems.

Each new episode has the running time of 22 minutes, so both children and adults will be appreciated by this cinema masterpiece. That is a great serial to watch on your weekend or on holidays.

The season air date is an important data when we talk about this serial and its peculiarities. 

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