Masterchef Canada Season 4

Masterchef Canada Season 4 Release Date


Masterchef Canada Season 4 is a Canadian competition and game show. The premiere of it was in the year of 2014, so now we have a great opportunity to present the 4th season premiere of the serial, which will amaze you as the previous do. The Masterchef Canada 4 Season release date is the 18th of November in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast, we must mention the following cast of people:

  • Claudio Aprile and Michel Bonacini.
  • Alvin Leung and Charlie Ryan.
  • Maria and Line Pelletier.
  • David Jorge and Christopher Siu.
  • Michel Motamedi and Jon Harmeister-Ries.
  • Tammy Wood and Joe Bastianich.

The directors of the serial are Dave Russell and Michelle Metivier. Among the producers, we must mention the following people, as Lesia Capone, Cathie James, Krista Look, Yette Vanderdan, Melanie Stupatyk, Daniela Battistella, Maria Knight, Brady Allen, Justin Hartwig, Jennifer Pratt, Franc Roddam, Sandee Birdsong. And, of course, we mustn’t forget about the editors. Under the serial Miles Darren, Jordan Wood, Christiane Galley, Anna Bigos, Marc Dupont, James Osso, Brian Katugampola worked.


Here in this show, you will see a lot of talented cooks from different countries. And the Main aim of it is to choose the best chef in Canada, who will have an opportunity to manage his or her own restaurant.

Each participant here must introduce the most effect dishes in order to earn the judges respect. Sometimes it can be so hard, as you could imagine, but the result will satisfy you. The judges in this project work in cuisine sphere for a long time. They want to see and to taste something new, so the contestant will have difficulties if they want to amaze them.


If you like to see the TV shows, which are full of unexpected moments, you will be satisfied with this one. The new season will present you the strongest competitors, who didn’t give up. They believe, that such an idea will be one of the best one. Each new episode will be Interesting for you and for each member of your family.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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