Mary Mary Season 6

Mary Mary is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by We tv with the first season premiere date on the 29th of March 2012. Season 3 was announced in winter of 2013. Every new episode of the show depicts everyday lives of Tina and Erica Campbell known as Mary Mary duet. Their life is a struggle of combining personal duties and professional responsibilities. Season 3 started on the 27th of February 2014. Season 4 premiered on the 5th of March 2015. WE tv announced the return of the series for season 5 that started and ended in spring of this year. Mary Mary season 6 release date hasn’t been announced yet, we’re still waiting for official news in the media.


The Marys are always ready to get back to our TV screens to share their ups and downs in every new episode! Will they be able to continue working together or is solo career more important for each of the sisters? Both of them are incredibly talented which makes them a perfect match to each other, but will they be brave enough to continue this way hand in hand as a family? Tina and Erica get trapped in a relationship with Goo while Mitch is willing to return to the lives of the sisters. The tension in the family will certainly result in an outburst of uncontrollable emotions!

Mary Mary Season 6 date release


  • Erica Campbell. Often characterized as Fearless. She’s creative, always ready to bring some groundbreaking ideas to their performances and music. They’ve been breaking through with a number of successful albums released. The sisters say that spiritual messages they send through their music unite them. Music is the only thing able to touch hearts of all generations. Erica is married to Warryn Campbell, II – the music producer. Together they have three wonderful kids. Erica is the eldest sister – she’s two years and two months older.

 Mary Mary Season 6

  • Tina Campbell. She is unstoppable and dynamic, ready for tremendous accomplishments and challenges of all sorts. She says that their devotion has nothing to do with ratings and charts – their aim is connecting peoples’ hearts changing their lives and supporting them on the way to finding hope in life. Tina is sure that the message they send through their music is appealing to everyone. She’s married to Teddy Campbell, the drummer of Ricky Minor and Tina adores him. They have five beautiful children together. The family is her biggest value.

6th Season Air Date

Mary Mary Season 6

The 5th season release date is the 3rd of March 2016. The season wrapped up in the beginning of May the same year. There’s no news on the released of season 6, but the fans are waiting for more and we will certainly tell you more when talks on the official renewal appear in the channel’s media.

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