Mary Mary Season 5 Release Date

Mary Mary Season 5 Release Date


If you like reality TV shows made and aired on WE tv network then there is some good news for you. The network’s smashing hit Mary Mary comes back and the new episodes will be aired very soon. According to the official statement, Mary Mary season 5 release date is scheduled for March 3, 2016.

Mary Mary season 1 premiered on WE tv on March 29, 2012.


The executive producer of Mary Mary season 5 premiere is still Tara Long (previously worked on SWV Reunited), John Morayniss (co-created Saving Hope), Eric Hoberman (you may know his show Knight Life with Gladys), Howie Miller (worked on The Millionaire Matchmaker), Mitchell Solarek (previously produced The Walter Hawkins Tribute Concert) and Kate Farrell (the co-creator of Women on Death Row). And surely Erica and Tina Campbell along with their friends and family will star in the upcoming episodes of Mary Mary season 5 premiere.


In Mary Mary season 5 episode 1 you will see the daily routine of two sisters from the gospel duo titled as Mary Mary – sisters Erica and Tina Campbell. Their constantly increasing families and busy careers are also involved in the show. Mary Mary duo introduces the elements of hip hop, soul music, jazz and funk. Shackles (Praise You) is considered one of the first ever songs in the genre of the urban contemporary gospel music and its was performed by this amazing duo of two sisters. The duo’s title was taken after  2 famous Marys from the Bible – Mary Magdalene and Mary, the Jesus Christ’s mother. The duo’s first album called Thankful (released in 2000) was certified as Platinum in the United States. Also sisters released two Gold albums: Mary Mary (2005) and Incredible (2002) that were charted as No. 1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums. 4 Grammys are the best awards that were received by the duo among many other prizes and awards. In 2011, they released their 5th studio album titled as Something Big.

In Mary Mary season 5 premiere you will see two sisters who right now have separate singing careers and how it affects their personal and professional lives.


  • The show won the Sunday’s Best Show title during all 4 years of its broadcasting;
  • Both sisters have the same surname – Campbell – even after being married, though their husbands are not related, it is just the coincidence;
  • Campbell sisters have recently became fiction writers and released their first best-selling book Be U: Be Honest, Be Beautiful, Be Intentional, Be Strong, Be You! that is aimed at young Christian women;
  • For them God always comes first.

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Mary Mary | Trip Down Memory Lane | Season 5 Premieres March 3 9/8C

Mary Mary Season 5

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