Mary + Jane Season 2

Modern TV is full of sitcoms and comedy series, worthy of public attention, and one of such projects, which was introduced relatively recently on September 5, 2016 is Mary + Jane on MTV channel. Despite a fairly standard format, the series has got a lot of fans who appreciated the idea of the authors and took a fancy to the main heroines. The project is interesting for its spontaneity, good acting and entertaining story that do not leave indifferent even the sophisticated audience. That’s why the fans of the show today have rather an adequate question: when will Mary + Jane season 2 premiere? Release Date of this program is still unknown. Season two is likely to return on the screens in the nearest future, and the audience hopes that all the next renewed episodes will be as exciting as the previous ones.

Cast and Characters

Mary + Jane Season 2 Poster
The two main characters of the series are:

  • Paige (is played by Jessica Rothe);
  • Jordan (an actress Scout Durwood);
  • Robbie (the role is played by Dan Ahdoot);
  • Jenee (is presented by Kosha Patel) and others.

Authors Crew

The first season air date took place on September 5, 2016 and since then it has been released 10 episodes (the running time of each episode is about 30 minutes).
The creators of the project are Harry Elfont, an American director and scriptwriter, and Deborah Kaplan of the same field of activity. The crew of executive producers is quite unusual and includes the next personalities:

  • Snoop Dogg;
  • Ted Chung;
  • Calvin Broadus;
  • Merry Jane.

The broadcasting of the project is carried out on MTV channel; the network responsible for the producing of Mary + Jane and presenting of the coming season premiere is Television 360.
Mary + Jane Season 2 Cast

About the Series

The show tells about two neighbors and friends Paige and Jordan truing to create their own business. All the actions take place in Los-Angeles. On their way to success they face a great number of difficulties and awkward moments. The two young girls entertain themselves, search for love and have fun. The atmosphere of the series is very cheerful and reckless; the heroines are a real embodiment of modern young girls with the same problems and joys.

Viewers’ Feedbacks and Rating

A great number of viewers of Mary + Jane note a little inexpressive plot of the program and believe that some of the scenes and events look insincere and too histrionic. In spite of this fact the first new episode was watched by an audience of 0.458 viewers, and its demo-rating was 0.22. The rating of the series on IMDB (4.9/10) is considered not to be rather high; anyway, the public is waiting for the second season release date and hope that the continuation will not break its expectations.


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